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Aging On Your Terms was established to share lessons we learned while advocating for, and caring for our parents. Our hope is this blog will help you identify when your aging family members need assistance, become a better advocate, and get you planning your aging strategy.  Click here to learn about us.

When you try to discuss aging with your parents, does the conversation sound like this?

  • Where do you keep a copy of your trust?  “You can get it from the lawyer when we die!”
  • What are your wishes for when you’re gone?  “I’m not talking about what I want when I die! That’s depressing and morbid!”
  • If you want to remain at home, we need to make this house safe. “We don’t need grab bars in the shower! That’s for OLD people!”
  • Why didn’t you call us to drive you to the doctor when you were feeling dizzy?!  “I didn’t want to be a burden.”

You’re not alone. 

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