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Hi, I’m Vicki!

How many of you ignored common sense advice because of the ‘Do it because I said so lectures’ our parents, grandparents, teachers, etc. used to deliver the message?

I know I did.  I needed to know the ‘why?’ behind it.

Who did we know that experienced an adverse impact from not doing it, or a positive impact from doing it? And what exactly did they experience?

Without that validation, I just didn’t believe anything bad could happen to me. 

Heck, I’m young!  I’m invincible!  Right?!  I needed proof, because ‘Seeing Is Believing’.

And then I started to see! 

My first Aha moment was when my aunt passed without a Will.  The drama, and the trauma my family experienced was the catalyst that pushed this early-30-something to run to an attorney and draft an Estate Plan, at a time when I had more liabilities than assets, and my health was good.

You can read that traumatic story here: No Estate Plan Made It 10 Times Worse | Aging On Your Terms

At the time, the attorney praised us for taking this step to safeguard our future.  But I know if I hadn’t experienced that trauma, the creation of an Estate Plan would still be on my “things to do in the future checklist’…and 30-plus years later, would still be unchecked.

After I started sharing my stories with friends and colleagues, I came to 2 realizations:

  1. Many of us were in the same boat, taking care of parents who had not planned for how they wanted live in their old age.  They had their money, 401ks, pension plans or social security…but heaven forbid they put grab bars in the shower, or ask for help changing a light bulb.  To quote my mother-in-law’s response during a discussion about their lack of planning for aging in place, “We had each other and figured it would just work out.”
  2. Even though we were all complaining about scrambling to keep our heads above water because our loved one didn’t plan, I could count on one hand how many of us learned from this experience and began planning for our latter years.

That’s why Aging On Your Terms was established – to share the lessons we’ve learned (the happy, sad, good, and bad) to give you some ammunition to help you assist aging loved ones who, for their reasons, may not have planned.  And to motivate you to begin planning for your later years, so you can break the cycle and share this message with future generations that planning is caring.

It truly is the best gift you can give your family. It allows them to focus on loving you, rather than always having to scramble to make decisions in times of crisis.

If what I’m saying resonates with you, you’re in the right place. 

Click on the links below to read or stories and tips, or contact us, so you can get started making plans to Age On Your Terms.

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